Decimal point has shifted to 3 decimal places

Just doing my BAS and noted that the decimal point has increased to 3 places instead of 2. I am on 14.12.46 and my preferences still shows Australian date & number

There is one transaction where you have used 3 decimal places on amount. BAS worksheet is not yet clickable but Tax summary which shows the same figures is.

  1. So go to Tax summary under Reports tab, create a report for the same period as BAS.
  2. Click on the amount which has 3 decimal places to get list of transactions
  3. Find the transaction which has amount with 3 decimal places and click Edit button to fix it.

Have checked all my items and they appear to be OK. Where the 3rd decimal place shows is when I go to Bank account and then click on the name to show all transactions and it had added a 0 to all the amounts in the running total coulumn.

There is one transaction with 3 decimal places posted to your bank account then. Keep clicking on next page to reveal older transactions in your bank account until running total column shows two decimal places. That’s how you find where it started and where to fix it.

Have found the culprit, a 0 was on an invoice. Thanks again.