Daemon mode and export function

First wanted to say that this piece of software is seriously the best accounting software I’ve ever laid eyes on; even better than most paid software. Also, props to the developer for being so generous regarding feature requests.

I do have a small request though. Currently, Manager has a server-mode which I use relatively often. However, it would be wonderful to run the application on my Raspberry Pi server. Nothing really has to change except for some sort of Daemon mode (i.e. non-gui mode). Would this be possible?

Another thing: the newly added export plugin is great. It would be even better if we could export transactions per bank account.


I looked into Raspberry Pi server and it appears Manager could run on it after some adjustments. I will follow up on this within a few days.

“Export” plugin is not complete because buttons are not yet implemented on all screens, by end of this week, there should more coverage including ability to export bank transactions too.

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Awesome! If you need any help testing/debugging just let me know.