Customer transactions to updating account receivable control account

I have this challenge with one of my companies on the cloud version. All customers are linked to the account receivable account but transactions are not updating the control account balance on my summary page. The account receivable figure is correct when i display the balance sheet. Summary date is correct and all transactions are within the current accounting period. I cant figure out what went wrong. Any clue to this challenge. All customers are assigned to one account receivable control account so I expect total of customer balances to be equal to the control account balance at any point in time

Can you illustrate this with screen shots, including Edit screens of transactions you believe should show but do not?

![Screenshot%20(2)|690x389](upload://wScDTPfhbEbYkhj09q 3hcmwDDel.png)

All Customers are linked to the account receivable but transactions with customers are not updating that account receivable on the summary. Date for summary is set to the current accounting period and all transactions are dated within the period. You could see from the snapshot that Customer balances and Aged receivables report on the same period reflect the transactions appropriately

Please show the Edit screen for the customer, Veronica Adu.