Customer sales report by invoice

Hello Experts,

I love the way customer portal displays the customer invoice details, per invoice. However, I haven’t been able to find a similar match in the standard reports (could not create one through custom reports as well).

If it is possible to generate a report similar to what we see on the customer portal, please could someone help guide how it can be done.

I could not locate the solution on earlier posts.

Thank you.

You can get this exact table–albeit with extra columns–by drilling down the Customers tab and clicking on the number of invoices for the customer.

Thank you.

Right, similar to navigating from Sales Invoices. I was looking for something more in a report format, so don’t have to copy from clipboard and add to excel.


Here’s a similar custom report definition that I use for Purchase Invoices:

You need to define it for Sales Invoices Instead of Purchase Invoices and substitute SalesAmount for PurchaseAmount.

The only catch is that this will not capture the Balance Due column.

Perfect, thank you, Ealfardan.

This is what I was looking for, but was not able to get through custom report. With the use of your screenshot above, and a bit of tweaks, I got what I was looking for.