Customer Moving from Accredo to Manager Asking the Following Questions

Hi we have a potential user asking the following:

A) Is there an option to send batch emails

  1. Advertising
  2. Statements
  3. Courier Tracking Information

B) Production orders – do you have to create a production order manually every time? Or can you set up products in inventory and have stock allocated automatically?

For example: 1 Box of Bonus Numbers = 40 Individual Bonus Numbers – In Accredo we have these set up so every time we charge 1 box of bonus numbers it will automatically take 40 pads off the stock.

C) Inventory – Averages per month (for reordering purposes)

  1. Is that the “inventory quantity summary”?

A) In my view on the face of it all most of these requests can be addressed in my view.
The advertising thing could be added to the batch email thing when it matures?
Courier Tracking … Custom fields. Does anyone have a better method?

B) The production order I do not use but suspect they could be cloned or setup as reoccurring invoices.

C) Product reordering I think is not quite there yet - Correct?

Any guidance will be appreciated, thank you.

A) As you know quite well (based on your other recent posts), there is not yet any capability for batch emails. And Manager is never going to be an advertising platform. It’s an accounting program. Courier tracking numbers could certainly be added to custom fields on sales invoices, receipts, or delivery notes.

B) Production orders are only manual. That is, Manager will not automatically generate a production order because stock of a finished good is low. But they can be cloned. They cannot be set up as recurring transactions. And they cannot be set up as recurring invoices, which would involve purchase or sale of inventory items, not production.

C) You could obtain average information for inventory items from the Inventory Quantity Summary, but the figure is not directly calculated. The easiest way to get this information would be to define a report for some extended period, say six months or a year, copy it to a spreadsheet, and add the average calculations.

For B, see also inventory kits.