Custom Title or Custom theme for Expense claim Summary Report

@Lubos please allow custom title or theme for the expense claim summary report. I call it a different name in my line of operation. Thank you

Then export the report and change the title on the spreadsheet.

@Tut I believe we all adults, I would appreciate if we treated each other as such. This post was not addressed to you for you to fill frustrated about it. Please stop insulting users intelligence in your rude responses. I have tried to ignore you for far to long but this is too much. We don’t report to you such that we should feel intimidated to air our needs concerning this program. I believe you are just a user like any one of us. Please have some respect. We are not fools.


Please don’t take things so personally, @Mule1. You expressed a desire to change something on a report. I suggested a solution, which you are free to ignore.

No, you don’t report to me. And I hope you will not be reluctant to express your desires. But with almost 200 ideas already on the list for possible implementation, you might wait a long time for action, if it comes at all. Historically, very few changes to reports have been implemented. While you are waiting, you could still have what you want. That, by itself, is one reason you may wait forever. The developer included some features so requests for others would not be so frequent.

A user, yes, but also a forum moderator who has been asked by the developer to help steer others toward solutions to their needs. (That is what the shield symbol beside my forum ID signifies.)