Custom Themes

Wow, Thank you so much. this was very help. The system keeps upgrading everyday.

So what can i do to develop different themes template for my forms. It use to be easy in the older versions, but i can fine it in this upgraded one.

Thank you again

You can still make custom themes. They are also under Obsolete Features.

You should understand the developer has announced that custom themes will eventually be removed from the program. So you may not want to spend your time on this.

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So we are bound to use only on theme for all forms we are using in manager

@njei, I do not understand your last post. Is that a statement or a question? Either way, it is not clear what you mean.

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It is a question Sir. i was asking about custom theme. I use to see lot of custom themes in manager, but now i can fine it. only the default theme. Where can i find it?

The programmer @Lubos decided to put custom themes in so call obsolete featers (see Settings obsolete features) without helping one bit to help us to at least style our invoices and receipts. So it is abandoned without any resolutions. Yes this is just bad but we have to accept these whimsical changes ti Manager as @Lubos is King.

@njei, I already told you that custom themes can still be used and where to find them. I believe I misunderstood postd #4 because you wrote “only on theme,” while you probably meant “only one theme.”

Nothing about custom themes has been removed from the program…yet.