Custom Reports "Until" Date Field Functionality

In the past, in a custom report, if the “Today” date was selected in the dropdown in the Until field and the report was run, the current date was automatically defaulted into the field and all data was included in the report, up to the current date.
I notice that in Desktop version 20.8.27, this process can be followed but when the report is run again at a later date the Until field contains the date when the report was last edited and updated, instead of defaulting to the current date.
To run the report successfully now, I have to edit the report, reselect the “Today” date in the Until field, update the report and run it, to get all the data.
I have rerun the report at later dates and have gotten caught not editing the date in the Until field and didn’t notice till later that the field had not defaulted to the current date, making the data incomplete in the report.
Is this a bug? It seemed to be working fine up in the Desktop version up until May or June.

Two comments:

  1. Custom reports have been entirely replaced during the time frame you mentioned.
  2. Only a few places (like the Summary tab) allowed that floating “until today” feature. To my knowledge, custom reports never did. Are you sure your memory of which reports/pages you were looking at is correct?

Hi Tut
It worked well in the old Custom Reports module. I was guessing that it was May or June when the new module came.