Custom Reports Gone Missing

I have just updated to version: 20.6.72 and have lost all my Custom Reports!!
Any clues???

This may help depending in what you have saved

The implementation of the new custom report framework was incompatible with previous custom reports. So they all vanished and cannot be recovered. You were warned about this in the topic @Patch linked to.

  • You will need to manually recreate them, there is no way around that.

  • To make the job easier you can look at your old custom report then use that as the basis of doing a similar thing in the new custom report writer

To look at your old custom report edit screen you will need

  • A back up of the Manager installer or a computer with a version of Manger on it older than version 20.6.60. Install it on another computer

  • A back up of your Manager business not used on a version of Manager later than your program file above (note the backup only needs to have your custom report definition not your latest business data)

  • Open the old data file with the old version of Manager, Look at the edit screen for each of your custom reports.

You should then be able to create a similar custom report in your current Manger business file

Thanks Patch
Have done as you suggested - a bit different to older versions
I have a couple of problems I hope you may be able to help with:
I have set up a Custom report for Customers Billing Addresses - but - the report adds multiple entries for each Customer instead of just one as in earlier versions?

The new custom report writer adds the ability to specify “Groups to collapse”, which may achieve what you want

Thanks - but that didn’t work -might have to try Lubos

or Tut

Posting a screenshot of the edit screen for your custom report would help

Thanks mate - I think I’m on to it - still working at it