Custom Report Issue

I’ve created an “Account Daybook” under Custom Reports in this way:

The total of the Debits and Credits is € 33.914.751,92

However this amounts don’t match the Debits and Credits of General Ledger Summary which are € 34.014.182,62

How can this be?

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Solved… I did some testing. My “account daybook” doesn’t include “Retained earnings” since it’s something calculated by the software

In my case when I ran the two reports the difference was the profit, in my case, rather the loss for the year 416.64

Custom report total

General Ledger Summary total

Yes it is… since it’s a perpetual accouting software it “calculates” the profit dinamically and so the value is not included in the transactions

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It is important to remember that all reports in Manager are calculated dynamically.

Let’s say that profit and loss is the only dynamic account not reported in transactions.

may i get your attention please
I’m agreed that current version of custom report has new features which are not able to do in old custom report however current version of custom report lack of features from old version of custom report
so, I would like to request to add “Obsolete Custom Reports” until new version is ready
I just want to point out as Customer Point of View, we are expected new version is better than old version, we never expected that new version will not work what we can do at old verion
I really appreciate your kind consideration

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Not to forget that a solution was promised in few days from the release of the new tool and a month has passed

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@San_Thida_Myo_Latt Can you be more specific? What you can’t do in newer version that you could do in the older version?

Data not linked to Transactions, ie clients/suppliers including the ones that were not yet used in an invoice, inventory items and kit included the one not used…

previously we can do transfer report


after upgrade latest version
we can’t get report for transfer records

can you guide me, how to do transfer report in latest version
@lubos kindly help us how can I get this report in latest version

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, I do not see how your earlier report accomplished anything. Inventory transfers only move inventory items from one location to another. No such information was contained in the report. So what use could you make of it?

this is result from previous version
if you need, i can send you data backup

You already showed that report. It was the basis of my question. There is no information about locations. So what is the use of the report? That is what I asked.

we need to check how many items transfer out or in during specific period
but you don’t need to ask why should i need
I just point out i’m using such report in previous version and not able to use in current version

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I asked because you complained you could not generate a report of inventory transfer records. You gave your old report as an example of what you want to achieve. But it did not provide a report of inventory transfers either, so it is not clear what you want.

I did not ask why you want the information. I asked what use you would make of the report to understand what information is necessary.

@lubos May I know how can I get that report from current custom version

Sorry, but that’s double speak.
Asking “what use you make of the report” is the same as asking “why you want the information”.

The user made it plainly clear, as have a number of other users in other topics, that they were able to create particular reports under the previous custom report feature, but the ability to produce those same reports has been lost under the current custom report feature.

How or why a user has created their particular custom report is totally and utterly irrelevant.
Nor should they be forced to justify / explain their custom reports just because other don’t see value in them.


we had to use custom report because standard report are not cover what we want
so, I don’t need to explain why I need this and that
what I had pointed out is reports which we are using at previous version are not able to use in latest version, so we need to solve it out asap

Yes, @San_Thida_Myo_Latt, you have explained that many times, in both this and other threads. I understood your complaint the first time you made it. I was hoping I could provide another method for getting the information you said you need about inventory transfers, because your old report did not provide it. If you don’t want to explain what information you actually want, that is fine.