Custom Fields paragraph text


Can not edit the Custom Fields if paragraph text under settings
Running manager 18.1.29

can you explain better? some screenshots can help.

if you are asking for the ability to set a default text for custom fields, you can set the same in Form Defaults under Settings.
read the below topic

on version 18.01.29

on version 17.12.66

hope this is helping

I have reinstall version 17.12.66 to test

like i said in my initial reply, the default text has been moved to Form Defaults which you can find under Settings.

and please do not open your business files on older versions of Manager once they were used on newer versions. this may corrupt the business data file.

I know I can not I have 3 PC with all versions on to test stuff

I have found it that it is just a big change

Yes, it can seem like a big change, @Hennie_Groenewald. But once you start working with it, it gives much more flexibility. If you had default text already defined, it is not lost. It has been converted automatically to the default form for that type of transaction. And instead of setting default text one custom field at a time, you can see all custom fields for a certain type of form and adjust them at once. While you are doing that, you can also set your most commonly used bank or cash accounts if you want, specific your normal tax codes, etc.

Anything set on the default form can be edited when creating new transactions, so you are not locking yourself in. And no previously existing transactions will be changed.

Basically, instead of a few default possibilities here and there throughout the program, almost anything can now be set as default, yet be limited to the type of forms where you want it to apply. Even themes can be set as default form by form.


How about the fix for paragraph text? It is not working, not showing when selecting paragraph text, so there is no way to edit the text and have it as a template everywhere.

Did you read the responses given at the beginning of this post and searched the link that was provided?

This does not answer my question. Why did paragraph stopped working? And why is a lot of crap being added to this simple minimalistic program and making everything brake?

It didn’t stop working, if you had read the responses above then you would have learnt that the capability is now under Settings > Form Defaults