Custom Field - Date --> shows Time String with 00:00:00

the posts show, that something changed since version 21.1.20
or already in version 21.1.18 when time format was added to settings.
if one moves a custom " date " field from the bottom for example
above the description area, the date field showed a time " 00:00:00 "
after the date
{{ custom_fields[“Some Custom Field”] }} needed to be modified to
{{ custom_fields[“Some Custom Field”]|date: “dd.MM.yyyy” }}
to remove the time stamp from the document
another option is, if someone comes across this issue, one may want
to search the forum

@WZM, the Guide is about how to move a custom field’s location using a custom theme in Manager, not syntax for coding in Liquid. It only illustrates the concept of introducing a new location for a custom field and suppressing the old one. An important purpose is to demonstrate that custom fields are elements of arrays that vary from transaction type to transaction type and that, to change their position in a theme, you must deal with them from an understanding that they are displayed as part of a loop.

The Guides purposely do not attempt to furnish programming instruction. So including syntax instruction for each of the six varieties of custom field would really have no place. The example used in the Guide happens to be for a simple, single-line text field, not a date. That would make specific instructions for date fields especially extraneous.

@tut, I understand