Custom Field - Date, Does not work properly in Batch Create or Batch update

Hi, we are using cloud version, The thing is that we are transferring data from our records to the cloud version. we are using batch create to upload the records in bulk.

but on uploading our clients in the “Customers” we set up a custom field - date type, and on uploading the records. All the data are uploaded with no problem except with the Date, it is uploaded when i tried to copy the batch update but it does not appear in the Records in Cloud. The Custom field - Date type is checked on the “Show on Column record”

All our 300 records of this got the same problem. And I am now changing the Date manually

Here is the record upload in the cloud and the record used to upload


date is a text field.
When processing it externally you are responsible for ensuring compatible date format settings in

  • Manager
  • Your spreadsheet/database program

I set the spreadsheet on Date format, still same result