Current Inventory that's already had the cost plus the GST paid for

I have an inventory that has already been paid for, as well the GST has been paid on entry. How do I put this in plus of course the quantity of the items. If I raise a purchase order then I am buying something I already own as is on the books as an asset

I don’t really understand your question. What account have you used to categorize purchase of inventory? You should also check documentation on Inventory under Documentation tab in the progream.

Sorry about the late reply and my question. This is just like putting the amount that you have in the bank when you first start your program. I already own the inventory I have and have also paid the GST on it. With other programs I have just added the description, amount and the purchase and selling price without raising an invoice. This went into the Asset/Inventory account

Under Settings, there is a Conversion Balances module where you can put opening balances for all your accounts (including individual inventory items)