Currency Gains and losses

I have noticed that in the currency gains and losses I have a very minor figure despite the fact that I only use a single currency. I think this has occurred because of the value of some inventory items. When I divided the invoice total by the number of items it ended up with around a six decimal place for each item which I rounded up to three places. Looking at the entry in Manager it seems to indicate this is an automatic adjustment. Is there anything I can do to stop this occurring in the future? I know I can move the costs out by journaling them through, but I’d be interested to know if there is anything else I could do to resolve this. Thanks for your help.

Can you check the latest version? It shouldn’t be doing this anymore.

Hi Lubos, I’ve just installed the latest version and the gain/loss is still showing. I notice in settings there is an automatic credit allocation, is this related as I don’t have that one checked. Thanks

No, it wouldn’t be related. If you like, send your accounting file to to see what’s up.

Thanks for your help on this one Lubos. I did what you suggested and the problem has gone. many thanks.