Creating rule based on amount

Is it possible to create a Receipt (or Payment) rule based on the amount received or paid?

I receive payments where there is no distinguishing words in the Description, but I know from the amount which Account it should be allocated to.

This occurs a couple of times a month from the same payer, so it would save considerable time to have a rule.

There is no way to do that. Even if there were, it would not be recommended, because duplicated amounts are quite possible and would result in erroneous postings. In other words, that would be a dangerous approach. Receipt and payment rules are designed to rely on unique identifiers that are very unlikely to be duplicated.

Thanks Tut. I take your point about erroneous postings. In my case the name of the payer appears in the description, for 2 payment amounts each month. These amounts stay the same for 12 months, meaning I have 24 payments in a year that have to be handled without a rule.
The only way I can determine the correct allocation of these payments is by the amount. The two rules I would like to create would be based on the payer name and the amount received.
I could reduce the number of changes by applying a rule to the payer name to allocate every item to one of the accounts, then change the account for just half of them.
Is there any other way I could achieve the result I want?

Ask the payer to amend the description so that you can more easily identify the payment?

I don’t think that’s practical, it’s a major superannuation company. Still, I could try!

Added to the latest version (22.6.2)



Many thanks, that works just as I’d hoped.