Creating Pdf files after previous Manager update

Hi, I cant create any Pdf files after the previous Manager update.
Can anyone help please.

What version? “Previous update” could be any of thousands. Also describe exactly what you are doing in which tab.

Many thanks for your replay.

This update was 21.6.50, if I want to create a invoice, quote or batch pdf it gives me an error and it was fine before the update.

You are hundreds of versions behind. Update your software and see if whatever problem you had persists. If it does, you need to describe exactly what you did and what the result was, as I wrote earlier. The things you mentioned are distinctly different processes.

Download from Download | Manager The version today at this time is v21.8.10

I have updated to 21.8.16 and still the same.

If I go to invoices and klick the PDF tab above invoices it opens to the C Drive to save the PDF but then gives me an error, (System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied)

What operating system are you using?

This seems like an access rights problem because of they way you have installed Manager

I`m using Windows 10, but just got it all sorted.


Normally when I used the PDF Tab Manager saved the PDF at Downloads or on C Drive, now Manager wants to save the pdf file at the same place where Manager is installed so I just followed the path to where Manager is installed and created a invoices folder and now it`s working just fine. Many thanks to all your replies.