Create new accounts instantly while processing

Hi, All.

Just a thought.

It would be nice if I could instantly create another “Special Account - Test 2”
in this specific window. With just a “+” sign. As soon as I add the new account
it would take me back to this screen to finish the transaction.
Currently I have to create the special account first before I
can allocate it. Which is a bit tedious.

This will also be very helpful if new suppliers or accounts are paid,
and that specific supplier/accounts has not yet been created.

Not sure if this will also help when the transactions are imported from
the bank statements with reference to Bank Rules or the “Find and recode”

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for an awesome program!!


You can’t “add on the fly” in the desktop edition, if you want to do that then you need to upgrade to the Server or Cloud editions.

This is the same with the Cloud edition… It doesn’t give me an “Add” option…

In the Cloud edition, you open a new window, create the account and then go back to the original window and it should not appear in the dropdown.

Agree! Very good idea for saving time!

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