Cost Prices

Hi there - Happy New Year! I haven’t visited the forum for a while so may have missed some updates, so apologies if so, but I hope you can help me with a couple of queries re cost prices -

  1. Firstly - is there a quick way of changing a ‘batch’ of cost prices for similar products or do they all have to be done individually?

  2. Secondly - if I update a cost price whilst receiving stock via a Purchase Invoice, does that affect the profit margin figure on that inventory item when it is next sold? I noticed that updating the cost price on a purchase invoice does not update the inventory cost price so I suspect not, but wondered if they were linked, or could be linked?

  1. Yes, use batch operations. See:
  2. No. Purchase price entered under inventory items has no effect on your profit margin. It’s just there so when you are selecting item on invoice, the price will be automatically filled in. Profit margin is calculated from actual transactions.