Control accounts or special accounts or custom report

I am looking for the best option for the following.
I have 2 general ledger accounts Training Expenses and Trainer expenses.
I want to keep them separate but put them together in a report, special account or custom report
so at anytime I can see the total expenses for that section of the business.
Would appreciate the easiest solution and a guide on how to do it please.
I have had a look in the forum and not been able to decipher the best solution.
I have the current desktop version and running Windows 10 pro with 64 bit and i7
Kind regards

Expense accounts cannot be placed into a custom control account. Nor can they be special accounts. You should create a Group in the profit and loss statement portion of your chart of accounts and assign your two accounts to it. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Hi Tut,
Thanks for the suggestion, I am having difficulty in understanding your recommendation.
I do not want to isolate training expenses and trainer expenses into another section, I merely wish to be able to view and print a report on the combined expenses. I was just looking for an easier way electronically rather than to manually add the 2 together.
In short I am wanting all the expenses to show in the summary but wish to be able to identify the combined value of the trainer and training expenses by way of a report and also if possible to show both sets of expenses combined chronologically.
Sorry if it is not clear
kind regards Mifs

Creating a Training group will automatically provide a combined total of expenses in the two accounts. You’ll see it on the Summary page and on P&L reports, which you can define for any time period and for numerous comparable periods. Make sure the Training group is assigned to the Expenses group.

They will, below the group total.

I believe I understand what you want, and the group will provide it all without having to do anything outside the program. Give it a try. The worst that can happen is that you will decide you don’t like the result and you can move the two accounts back directly under Expenses and delete the Training group.

Thanks Tut, it worked a treat and resolves all future sub sub accounts that we may encounter.
As always thanks for your professional assistance and prompt response
Kind regards