Confusing new liquid template language Theme

I am really struggling with this new liquid template language as apposed to just choosing the set out themes, please help as i am utterly confused i just want a green theme

Welcome to the forum @Keneilwe

Unfortunately themes are being phased out. You can write a new theme and it would load the bare skeleton which you can modify.

Not quite true. Only built-in theme options were removed from the program. As you say, new custom themes are still possible.

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Thanks @Tut for the correction.

What I meant was that built-in themes have been dropped and custom themes don’t support many of the newly added features out-of-the-box.


There have been a lot of changes and I can not but think a lot is related to the wish to be more mobile friendly. However, as a person who believes that mobile is fine for receipt and expenses capturing, maybe even the odd invoice I am looking with amazement at the ever increasing number of enable/disable settings in so many edit screens.

It’s rather confusing and on top of that the kind of hard-coded themes that have functionality that you can not use in custom themes and versions that no longer are in sync with Cloud getting preference. So lots of uncertainty and just hoping all with be fine.

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Quite so.

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Thank you , I’m just frustrated because i have no clue on how to work it

its really frustrating

@Keneilwe, the developer now recommends against creating new custom themes. He considers them an obsolete feature. I am closing this topic.