Complex Cash Sales

I am considering changing from my current accounting software but would like to know the best way of handling this Australian allied health example in Manager using the cash accounting method.

The following non-inventory items have been created:

  • 1 hour appointment $90
  • 30 minutes appointment $60

For an example day there are two 1 hour appointments (2x$90) and one 30 minutes appointment (1x$60). Therefore, the total cash sales (ie sell without sales invoices) for the day is $240.

All clients present their private health insurance card for a rebate and the balance is paid by a combination of cash and credit card. The break down for the day is:

  • Cash $35 - is received on the same day.
  • Credit card $110 - is received into the back account as a single amount 1 day later.
  • Hicaps $95 - is received into the back account as a single amount 2 days later.

With my existing accounting software, I would create a single cash sales receipt for the day, split out the totals for the three different payment methods which could later be allocated to the day they were actually received.

Despite reading the guides, I haven’t yet worked out how this should be done in Manager so any advice would be appreciated.

First, what you describe are not cash sales, because full payment is not rendered at the time of service. So enter all sales via sales invoices after creating customers (if they don’t already exist).

Second, each of the three forms of reimbursement represents a receipt of different character. But all would be posted to Accounts receivable, the customer’s subaccount, and the relevant sales invoice:

  • Any cash receipt would be posted to a cash account.
  • The credit card reimbursement would be posted to a bank account where the receipt is lodged. Assuming the receipt represents multiple remittances, break the receipt into multiple line items. Post each line item to Accounts receivable and the relevant invoices.
  • The Hicaps reimbursement would be handled exactly like the credit card reimbursements, but with a different Payer.

Third, all transactions would be recorded the day they actually happen.

Thank you Tut for pointing me in the right direction. It is a different approach that I am currently used to and, unfortunately, a lot more clicking but it works.

My current accounting software allows the client payment method breakdowns to be done all on the same page as the receipt (but then allocated to the bank account on a later date).