Combining accounts

When I print out my Trial Balance I have 2 Cash - Truck Float accounts and I want to combine them. One was set up without putting it as a cash account but after using the program I realized I needed this as a cash account because some things are paid directly from this account - I have tried to correct this but I am totally lost. Is there any way I can transfer between the accounts? What I don’t understand is 2 accounts show on the Trial Balance but only one shows on the Chart of Accounts.

I don’t think you can combine / merge two Cash Accounts. Can you just move the cash into one Cash Account, then close the cash account with 0 ?

Your two accounts aren’t the same. One is a sub-account of the Cash On Hand account, while the other is a direct COA. The trial balance lists all accounts including sub-accounts, where as the COA only lists direct accounts so that’s why you can’t see the two.

The only way to combine them is to re-enter the COA account transactions via the cash on hand sub account. Once this has been done you can then delete the COA account transactions and then delete the COA account it self.

Just transferring the balance wont allow you to delete the COA account as transactions will still be active within it.