Combined Payer/Payee - Description Column on Check Register

First, as I’m phasing out all things Microsoft, Apple, Intuit etc, this is an excellent accounting package that I’m using on Linux. Better than GNUCash. My question is about the combined Payer/Payee - Description column in the check register. Is there a way to show both as separate columns?

Why is this important to you?

This may not be important to me. I thought I was having an issue with duplicate transaction imports if, after transaction import, I changed either the payee/payer - description fields in the register. I think what
was happening is the date I receive money from a paid invoice doesn’t match the deposit posting date at the bank. Sorry for the ambiguity but I’m still learning. I’ll have to download more transactions to be clear. Which fields are used to make and retain a match?

Only date, amount and description fields are used to detect duplicates.

But even if you change description, you are unlikely import duplicate as Manager looks at description only if there are multiple transactions with the same amount and date. Then Description field is used to tell them apart during bank import.