Column width in Receipts and Payments


Is there a way to slightly reduce the width of the colums headed Amount Received Amount Paid, under Receipts and Payments, as I would like to add a custom column, but in so doing it appears very narrow. ( I don’t really need the column headed Contact).
I am wanting to generate a report from this information.
However I may be better to just change the name of the heading, Contact may be easier, if this is the best way, can someone tell me how the name change can be done please.
Using Version 20.7.8
Look forward to any helpful comments.


No. These are fixed so large numbers do not wrap.

You cannot delete default content of tab listings.

When exporting, you can change column width in the resulting spreadsheet. The two are unrelated.

I am not sure what you mean. It sounds like you want to substitute the column for a custom field for the one labeled Contact. You can’t do that. If you are referring to changing a column heading after export, you can do whatever you want in the spreadsheet.

Hi Tut

Once again thank you so much for your explaination.