Cloud Version - Data Keeping Problem


Is there any support team for cloud version ? I’m keeping a few company data in cloud service. I have just realized that one of my company records are completely different than my last study.

2 days ago, i have completed a company records & then i closed the cloud version. I didn’t backed up all balances at accounts were okay , now they all changed …

Do you have records for all steps or daily back ups ?

How can i solve it ? Thanks

You need to furnish more information. What is different? Provide examples. Describe how they are different.

The only change in the past few days that has caused anyone problems relates to foreign currency definitions. Do you use any foreign currencies? If so, read this Guide: Make sure the currencies show a real name, not a hexadecimal string. If your problems are with specific transaction types, check them to see if their currencies show correctly.

@FerhatAL, in your message to moderators, you said you had found and solved the problem. It would be very helpful to other forum members if you told us what you found and how you solved your problem.

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We do have backups. Please reach out to

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I just figure out that somehow the currencies for each bank account had been changed into codes such as “a904fdmdfslknsdm”. Normally, The currencies for bank accounts have been defined at the beginning. When i re-defined the bank currencies again, the problem has solved.

Most probably, after a batching, somehow bank currencies infected. Again, as manager team says, please back up your company before the batching. :slight_smile:

Fyi, Thanks