Cloud backup to MacBook Pro suddenly named with all zeros

I use cloud and when I back up I usually get:-
I am using an Apple MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6
This morning when I backed up I got this:-

Nothing has knowingly been changed on the laptop, no other program has been used since the recognisable backup.

The backup button should download ZIP file (no longer .manager file). It seems like you are trying to launch what’s in the zip file?

It didn’t download as zip file - just a whole lot of zeros. I have three other companies I do bookkeeping for and they all do the same from the backup button.

I see. It could be Mac OS X trying to be smart by automatically unzipping the file. I might change the backup extension if that’s the case.

I know working from Cloud keeps everything up-to-date but I like to take a backup when I finish each time so would appreciate a working backup button. Thank you

It seems like Safari “feature”. Have a look at this:

Can former .manager backup files stil be imported in newer versions of manager ??

Yes, you can always import backups from older versions into newer versions.

Thank you for info. The info is incorrect in that the “open safe files” is under Security and Privacy and not under “general” preferences. However, even making the changes suggested in that forum did not work.
However - just by chance I noticed that there were some zip files in the trash, so I dragged one onto the desktop and then restored it as a new business. It worked.
The situation now is that when I press the backup button the zip file goes into the bin and the ‘00000…’ file goes on the desktop suggesting there may be an unpacking script problem? At least it is workable but would be better if backup button did what it should do. Thanks