Clone Report Transformation view inconsistency

Behaviour is inconsistent with expected result and other clone operations.
Tested with Manager v21.6.10 desktop Windows 64 bit

To reproduce

  • Go to Reports → “Report Transformation” (of any type) → Select “Create” to create the first report
  • Go to Reports → “Report Transformation” (of any type) → View the new report transformation
  • Select clone
  • Edit the Report definition parameters (eg change the date range)
  • Select “Create” to create a second report


  • View screen of the first “Report Transformation” is shown
  • In bread crumbs select the report transformation type (ie go back one level)
  • Both report transformation definitions are shown
  • Select the second report → shown as expected

Expected behaviour

  • When create the second report → View screen of the second report transformation should be shown

This behaviour is similar to behaviour which was fixed for custom reports

Fixed in the latest version (21.6.16)