Clone debit note

Do you think it would be possible to have a ‘clone’ button on debit notes. I have so many of these it would speed up the entering. Thank you.

This seems a good suggestion.
But its observed that the Credit Note also “doesn’t” have a Clone button.
Perhaps it wasn’t anticipated that these would have “repeat” business.

What is the cause for your clients to incur so many ?

He’s a garage mechanic. He orders in the necessary parts for repairs but it’s often not easy to know the exact part with so many variables and so may have more than one of each possible part. The unwanted are eventually returned and suppliers’ credit received. There is also often a surcharge included on the originating purchase invoice and this also gets refunded. These ‘refunds’ are allocated against the current purchase invoices because the parts supplier collects payment the next time they come out - this is usually daily.