Client asked an usual question about tax


Oh Ok so whats the best way to do it. They are a hire firm that hires out jet skis on the beach at summer time and will be 98% of the time cash/eftpos sales so they will do the sales and I am guessing they will put some of their expenses in and I guess they will give me their bank statements at the end of the year and I will allocate the rest of the expenses they could be on the bank statement as well as in the system. I think I will have to chat with them and teach them to load in the bank statement every week/month and how to allocate from that. I think the thing they want is to see how they are doing each week/fortnight/month.


So the first question is - what documentation (if any) are they going to be issuing to a hirer ?
Being on the beach I assume that they aren’t going to be having Manager there to print out receipts.

The second question is - how frequently are they depositing into the bank.

The point being is - that you design the processes around how they operate rather then get them to operate to a process, so you need to understand their current on-site workflows.

EG - if they bank daily, then you wouldn’t necessarily use the Cash Accounts tab but if they bank ad hoc then you would use the Cash Accounts tab via inputting daily receive / spend values within the one transaction.


Lol They are going to take there laptop and they have a tiny wee printer so they talked about printing receipts. Because in the invoice footer there will be a disclaimer which they thought would be handy. I think they will fit around me to some extent . so how ever I set them up is how they will do it. Usually I just do year end and gst returns and accounts and my clients give me there bank statements and I take it from there ( finally got most of them to give me CSV files not paper ones) so I have’nt really set up a cash business before