Cleanup Data - reset data for new financial period

is there anyway to cleanup-reset numeric data, keeping custom fields, to begin new similar business?
I mean for example bank accounts remain but transactions gone
and I dont want it to be undoable in history.
the reason is because of changes in business I want to duplicate and begin new business file but I want to keep my chart of accounts, custom fields, costum invoice templates, etc… intact.
Thanks in advance

  1. Create a backup of the business you want to replicate but disable the saving of attachments, emails and history.
  2. Import that backup and rename it to the new business
  3. Delete all receipts, payments, invoices, etc, i.e. all that you do not want.
  4. Create a backup and again disable the saving of attachments, emails and history.
  5. Delete the newly created business
  6. Import the last back-up of the new business.

That should do it. You can use that backup also as a template for any new business in future saving you time and effort. Just import and rename to the new business.