Charts of Accounts VS Inventory Items

Yes it will be, as you will only ever have ONE Inventory Item per product.

It doesn’t matter as ALL purchases and sales of a particular stock will go via the ONE Inventory Item.

This next comment is COMPLETELY unnecessary but is shown for illustration purposes only.
If there were multiple (sub) Inventory Items per Inventory Item then Manager already allows you to manage that internally without any requirement to export and manipulate in a spreadsheet.

All purchases would go to the “home” inventory item, sales would be deducted from the related sub Inventory Item, which would then be displayed as a Back Order

Then periodically via Journal Entries - entering quantities only (no money values) you can relocate the Back Order back against the “home” inventory item so that all stock counting would be normal.

BUT to emphasise, this type of process is NOT required, NOR recommended - in fact, a complete waste of one’s time and effort.