Changes and Suggestions To Inventory Module & Reports

First up, kudos for implementing the Inventory Quantity by Location (IQbL) report. It’s the report I’ve been waiting on for ages.


That said, I was a bit disappointed when I viewed it, because it used the Item Name column only, leaving out the Item Code & Description columns.


Could you change the IQbL report (and for that matter, all the inventory reports) to include all three columns by default - Item Code, Item Name & Description?


  1. Is it possible to implement a feature where you can specify different prices for different locations?
  2. Can we have a feature where we can specify a location by default for users, or ones that they’re limited to, similar to cash accounts?

Apologies if any of the suggestions have already been mentioned and/or addressed before. Notwithstanding, keep up the good work on Manager guys, It’s a wonderful program.

Well, the idea is that item name should be enough to identify the item. Descriptions can be rather long and would not fit the report. Especially if you have multiple locations and need horizontal space.

There will be price levels but it will be for customers (or suppliers).

I think default location per user is workable idea.

By the way, next time, it’s better to break down topic into multiple ones if it addresses multiple concerns. This way feature requests can be marked as ideas and get more exposure.

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Yes sounds like a better idea.

I’m happy someone has requested for this too. The inventory Management in Manager has been made so good the past few months (we are in the age of the inventory :slight_smile: ) based on the various complaints and suggestions. What it only needs now is restriction to see locations by restricted users which will help users a lot and customer supplier price levels ( maybe for non inventory items also).

But so far so good. The inventory management features available now is already very very useful and satisfying.

Fair point, however, could you at least make it optional so if we need to see all three columns and have the horizontal space we can do so?

Pricing levels for customers/suppliers is a welcome addition, but I would ask you to consider it on a location basis as well. Reason being, we have three (3) locations and sell the same items at different prices at each location due to the prevailing market conditions at those locations. I guess in theory, both approaches would/could work, as it boils down to where the price levels are done, either at a micro level (customers/suppliers) or a macro level (location).

Sweet, looking forward to that being implemented. :smiley:

Okay, noted good sir. I did think about splitting the post, but figured all the points related to inventory, so I’d just put them all in one inventory-related post.

Thanks for the response and again, kudos on a great program.