Cash purchase but items must be sent by car

when a customer buys an item in cash. but must be sent by car. in the tab where I have to input the transaction. for example, when I input the sales invoice and copy to the delivery note. the item decreases twice. thanks to anyone who can explain. sorry if my english is not good

You need to explain more completely what you think is wrong. I assume, however, that you are writing about selling inventory items. Is that correct?

If so, it seems what you have probably done wrong is list the item(s) sold on both the sales invoice and receipt. You can sell for cash two ways:

  1. Issue a sales invoice listing the inventory item(s) sold. This takes care of reducing the inventory quantity. But, since you are also using delivery notes, the reduction will show as a quantity to be delivered until the delivery note is created. The receipt should not list the inventory items again. It should post the money to Accounts receivable > Customer > Invoice number. This does not further reduce inventory, but settles the customer’s account.

  2. Directly issue a receipt listing the inventory item(s) sold. Neither a sales invoice or delivery note is required.

The question of whether the item(s) must be delivered by car is not relevant to either situation unless you are charging for delivery. In that case, a separate line item for delivery can be added. This would be done the same way in either case, adding to the sales invoice in #1 or to the receipt in #2.

means when there is a cash purchase. the receipt and payment items are not written down. But in the delivery letter the item must be written and the amount sold. The inventory does not decrease twice. The case is when the buyer also requests the purchase note. when inputted on the sales invoice, the inventory item is reduced twice. because it is inputted in the delivery note tab and sales invoice. to overcome this, I have to input what tab when the customer asks for the sales note but is paid in cash?

I work in a building supplier store that sells sand, stone, cement and other materials. So it must be sent using a car when an item is sold.

Delivery cost has been merged into the price of the item.

@Arcenius_Siburian_MU, you seem to mixing up terminology related to buying and selling. It seems like you are describing a situation where a customer buys building materials from your store and pays you cash. Then, you deliver the materials the buyer has purchased.

In that case, everything can be handled with only one Manager transaction as a cash sale. Read this Guide: Do not be confused by wording in the Guide. When it says the customer pays immediately upon delivery, the Guide is referring to transfer of ownership. When they pay you cash for the building supplies, they own them. So in an accounting sense, they have taken delivery. Your physical delivery can be later, because it is included in the price.

Create one receipt according to this Guide: On it, list every item purchased. When the receipt is complete, give a copy of it to the customer to document the purchase, their payment to you, and your delivery of the supplies. Do not create a separate delivery note or sales invoice. This is Option #2 from my first response.

thank you. I am more familiar with the second option.

so sorry before…this the first time for me to use this application an work as general admin for the store.

Thx u so much.

@Arcenius_Siburian_MU, I think you must be responding to the forum from email. Whatever you are doing is making your posts very hard to read, because you are including Markdown code symbols for block code quotes. I am having to edit every one of your posts. It will be much easier if you log into the forum via the internet.

Is your problem solved?