Cash Accounts missing from Bank Reconcilation

There are 11 Cash Accounts as per the first screenshot but only 10 are being listed under Reports - Bank Reconciliation as per the second screenshot. Acct #11 is missing. Initially there were two #01 Accts, but the second entry was deleted. Have closed down and re-started Manger in case this re-aligned things.

Also the Bank Reconciliation list is not in sorted order
It appears that you need to click on the second screenshot to get full view - odd

At the risk of asking the obvious, now that cash at bank and cash on hand account types are both combined under Cash Accounts, are all 11 accounts shown actually designated as cash at bank type? Or did one accidentally get changed to cash on hand. Your first screen shot doesn’t show enough to tell. Of course, only cash at bank accounts are shown in the Bank Reconciliation Statement list, because cash on hand is presumed to consist entirely of cleared transactions.

All the accounts were listed under the previous Cash at Bank tab - there are no Cash on Hand accounts. The missing Bank Reconciliation account (#11) is an actual Bank Account and had been previously reconciled under the prior Bank Reconciliation process.

@Brucanna, you should be able to create missing report. If the account was reconciled, it will be shown as reconciled on report without doing any extra work.

Initially I was going to question how can this be done, but I have just clicked on the “New Report” button and noted that the missing #11 account was listed, so have been able to re-establish that account into the Report listing by completing a reconciliation.

That was the original point - it wasn’t being shown as reconciled on the Report - Bank Reconciliation, even though it had been previously been reconciled - it was missing from that listing but has now been re-established on to the listing by using the New Report option. Peace has returned to the Reconciled world.

PS - can the BR report list be sorted by the same sort used for the Cash Account tab listing - Please

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I had the opposite problem. I initially had duplicate reports for the same account, which of course could not be distinguished from one another. As with your problem, generating a new report showed the correct list so everything could be resolved. The good news is that these are just reports. Deleting them doesn’t affect the account data in any way. So you can start over with new reconciliation reports, if necessary.

I hadn’t noticed that. It doesn’t matter much if you have only 2-3 accounts. But it certainly would as the number grows.

Should be sorted like that in the latest version (16.5.25)

I may be misunderstanding. When I look at the Cash Accounts tab list, the default sort is alphabetical by Name, so A, B, C… But when I look at the Bank Reconciliation Statement list, the order differs, such as C, B, A… I don’t have enough accounts to discern the scheme, but it may just be the order reports were generated.

Was the change in v16.5.25 intended to apply to the Bank Reconciliation Statement list, or only to the order of accounts in the dropdown box when a new report is created? The dropdown box does, indeed, follow the order of the Cash Accounts tab and changes when it does.

Bank reconciliation statements are sorted by date, then by account name.