Capitalise the 'd' for "Issue date" in sales invoice

I am enjoying using Manager and the simplicity and use-ability of the software.

I was hoping that you would be able to capitalise the letter ‘d’ for “Issue date” in the sales invoice as “Due Date” already has the ‘d’ capitalised.

There are other similar inconsistencies in capitalization elsewhere in the program. In most cases, @lubos has used only the initial capital.

The reason for inconsistency is that I was changing my mind on this matter as I was implementing features.

Issue date is capitalized correctly. It’s Due Date which wasn’t capitalized correctly. I’m getting rid of these as they are reported. So this will be fixed sometime tomorrow.

Invoice Number on the sales invoice is another. Also Financial Institution and Account Number under Bank Accounts tab and Last Transaction under Cash Accounts tab. (I’m not exactly sure what capitalization scheme you are applying, though, so these last column heading examples might not be in error. If not, then there are other column headings that would be.)