Cant restore my backup file

my windows was corrupted but i had backup of manager , now i install new manager software and restore my backup file but it cant show set period button and i can find old accounts.

What do you mean when you say “I had backup of manager”?

Was this the file generated when you clicked on the Backup button on the Business Summary page or some other backup created using Windows backup or some other software?

If it was the backup created by the Backup button, then you need to restore the file to the PC and use the Import Business to recreate the Business along with its data

This is explained in detail in the guide

The Set Period button has been replaced by a more properly named Edit button. And what do you mean when you say “i can find old accounts?” Do you mean you cannot find accounts? If so, what account? Do you mean a business is missing? If so, that is what you have to restore as @Joe91 described.

Thnx for reply i find it , actully i cant find old details in my account now i found thanx.