Can't enter Payer and Payee on transactions in server edition with Chrome

There is payer and payee entry error in the Manager Server 17.9.40.

When I try to type a name in the payer for an example, it won’t allow me to enter anything. I have tested in both the Bank and Cash Transactions, the result is the same problem.

I cannot reproduce this problem. What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and what operating system? If server or cloud, what browser?

server version. windows 10. Chrome browser

Have you tried a different browser?Problems have been reported with Chrome in the past that didn’t appear with other browsers.

The Edge browser works. But the Chrome doesn’t.

Then it’s the browser, not Manager.

Yes, it is browser. When I enter the first character, the droplist appeared, but if I continue to type, it is completely blank. Even when I choose from the droplist, the name doesn’t appear on the payee or the payer.

I was able to reproduce this with Google Chrome, via Server Edition.

However, it’s intermittent. Sometimes it works, other times it fails.

The field that is working is a select2 field.
The one that is not working (occasionally) is a twitter-typeahead field (v0.9.3).

Latest version of the typeahead library is 0.11.1 - perhaps it’s worth requesting that @lubos update it? There may be compatibility fixes that address this particular issue.