Cannot open files program corrupted

cannot open files program corrupted

You need to supply much more information - as any answer would only be a guess at your particular situation.

When I opened my app a list of 6 businesses with meaningless numbers came up could not get ant to open my file
I downloaded the app again and was then able to get my file open
. The corrupted app is still on my Mac but it opens in the same way as I stated above. Don’t know if its a bug or something happened from my end.
I am operational though, so all is good

It sounds as though that a process somewhere got its wires crossed - I would delete/remove the corrupted app so it doesn’t inadvertently cause a future problem.

There was a bug when the current scheme of seeing Recent businesses and having plain language file names was introduced. It affected Macs and (I believe) Linux. Nothing got damaged, but a nonsense file appeared the first time you opened the app. You also may have seen long, alphanumeric file names in addition to files with your business’ name(s). That is because Manager automatically converted the gibberish files to identical files with plain language names. I know, more than you wanted to know. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the bug was fixed. As @Brucanna said, get rid of the corrupted app. See this Guide for information about potentially getting rid of unnecessary data files: