Cannot change any settings in 13.12.1

When I enter a settings page, such as General Settings, I get this error:
** Message: console message: http://localhost:56543/general-settings?Referrer=settings%3FFileID%3DPower’s%2520Electronics&FileID=Power’s%20Electronics&Key=2518d618-03dd-474b-ac66-5192f9df2b66 @120: SyntaxError: Expected an identifier but found ‘s’ instead

The program continues to run normally, I can check and uncheck plugins, however clicking Update doesn’t do anything. The same thing occurs on the Invoice Template page. The same error appears, and clicking update doesn’t actually update anything.

Try the latest 13.12.3 from

The form generating engine has been rewritten so chances are it will just work in the latest.

Yep, that fixed it. Thanks for such a quick patch!

I downloaded the newest 13.12.3 and now i dont have option to change the place where i save my files.
cant change the location go manager data.

I’ve just uploaded 13.12.4 which now has this feature.