Can you do DAS?

can you do DAS with logiciel? i found paid but i dont undersatnt how calcul DAS and impots for gouvernement. can you help me please. thanks.

Can you explain DAS is - I guess most of the users on this forum haven’t a clue, including me?

is the deduction on payement to staff. to gouvernement and csst and rqap…etc…

If this is a report in a format the French government specifies, no. Manager does not have a report in that format. If you want a report on earnings, deductions, and contributions recorded on payslips for employees, see the various payroll reports. And read the Guide: Set up payslip items | Manager.

Hi Isabelle
Based on your name, I guess you are from France. Abbreviations like DAS CSST and RQAP maybe are very common in your country but not for this worldwide community. We really don’t have a clue. If you don’t explain/describe your problems/questions more clearly, I’m afraid you won’t get much help on this forum. This forum is meant to support users. It is not a game-forum where the game is: guess what my problem is.

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i’m from canada is deduction for gouvernement.

Ok, but you need to post more info - is this pay related? Sales tax? Income tax?

is on payement staff, impot staff and parental and reer for staff. wath gouvernement ask do a deduction

@Isabelle_Rousseau, please see the private message I sent you about using translation software for your posts. You will receive much better support if other forum members can understand your posts better.

DAS are source deductions. taxes, contributions to the government for pension, parental and csst (injury insurance)

Manager is a accounting software system not a Payroll system.

You can record all payroll expenses such as source, deductions, taxes, pension payments, etc using Payslip Items - these can be setup so that they match your needs. Manager will then record the expenses, liabilities and payments correctly .

There are various reports available to report on and check your accounting records and provide you with information you need to submit reports to the Government. However, outside of Australia and NZ the software does not produce files or reports for submission to Government websites.

Nor does Manager calculate any payroll amounts - at least not in any way that will help you do a payroll. For this you will need to use some external system - a spreadsheet, a payroll package or an online service.

Which you use will depend on the number of employees and the complexity of your payroll calculations.

ok thanks