Can some one please advise me how to move something in an invoice

My sales invoice has my picture logo on it and then underneath it has the info I want to move my picture under the info
from this

to this

You might find something helpful here: [16.4.16] Added ability to use HTML markup in fields. Or maybe not. Manager and Liquid templating language don’t support everything. You can also search the net for Liquid syntax discussions and guides. There is a lot out there. If it can be done, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be horribly difficult for a real, live coder. But I’m not one of those. And if you’re not, it probably won’t seem trivial.

Thanks I have been a member of an awesome computer chat board for 4 years because I code alot of Microsoft office programs I just havent done any html. Well this amazing person on there knew straight away that it came from manager and has been helping me.My invoice is almost to how I want it.