Can not change application data location Mac version

i can not change the application data location for my Mac version now, it was able to do so before. i got message as below:


please kindly help

When did the error message appear? When you first clicked on the change button, or after you selected the new location?

Dear Tut,

thank you for your prompt response.

previous i was able to select a new location and make the change by click the change button, but now i can not select a new location so i just click the change button with the existing location (as i can not change it) then the error message apperars

Dear Tut,

any solution for this?

It seems like this issue might have something to do with Chinese characters in your path.

What happens when you click Change button? Do you get a dialog to change folder? Or the error shows right upon clicking on Change button?

Dear Lubos,

the error shows right upon clicking on Change button.
I tried deleted all local folders and data, and uninstalled the Manager. the local data path created same as before when I install Manager again, it may help if i could erase the path info when i uninstall Manager so it will the Manager’s defualt local data location instead of historic path when reinstall Manager?


Try the latest version (16.12.20), it could fix the problem.

Dear Lubos,

thank you! i installed the latest version and i got a dialogue allow me to change a folder but after i selected a folder there is error message as below that tell me there is no data under that folder in fact there are full set of data.

Can you show screenshot what’s in your new Manager Data folder?

Dear Lubos,

problem solved!
thank you very much for your professional help