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Sir Admin Of Manager
Greetings to you and all of my friends and college Around the world who uses your fantastic program . I have only one Suggestion about adding Diagrams and drawers for business analysis it will be a great if we can Show our reports supported by Diagrams and Drawings it will add a good value to your Fantastic Program .

thanks sir
good luck

What “Diagrams and Drawings” are you suggesting? Understand that Manager is purposely not a graphics program. It is deliberately kept compact. Graphics capabilities would add hundreds of megabytes to the program size and would still never include everything someone might want. That is why data can be exported for use in other programs.

The developer has made a decision to concentrate on more accounting features, not graphics, not customer relationship management, not price estimating, and not tax filing in hundreds of jurisdictions. There are many programs available for all those things.

However, you can attach diagrams or drawings as attachments, if you think they are relevant to your accounting. See Attach supporting documentation | Manager.

why are you angry friend I just make a suggestion if you not like the idea its ok no problem

I am not the least bit angry, @shasha.

I asked you a question about which diagrams and drawings you are suggesting. You cannot expect a feature to be added to the program if you do not explain what you mean. Are you suggesting revenue trend charts? Drawings of inventory items (which you can already include)? Diagrams of construction projects you are quoting?

I then described part of the developer’s design philosophy to explain why some capabilities are not included in the program. These were not my opinions. They are things he has written about previously on the forum.

Finally, I offered a suggestion that I thought might be useful in case you did not know about attachments. There is no anger in any of that, only my attempt to learn more about your suggestion and give you information.

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Ok Sir Thanks Boss I meant by Diagrams And Drawings Like Charts and Diagrams that ease the understanding Of our accounting jobs to non accounting people Like general manager and other departments . but its ok we can do it by using extract and using program Like Excel But as I suggested to you sir it will be a good Value added if its Exist in your fantastic Program .
Good Luck boss


Call it whatever your want: accounting system dashboard, financial analytics, or business intelligence, it is highly unlikely that it will ever appear in Manager. Although it is widely used in mainstream accounting and financial software, and consistently and broadly viewed as a useful tool, it is considered useless bloat by some in this forum.

I have previously suggested the same thing and received the same rhetoric in reply. So don’t take it personally. If it’s something you want or need then you’ll just have to look elsewhere.