Bulk Update of Sales Spreadsheet Tricks for successful import?

I am unsure how to edit the data on a Bulk Update where the data will be successfully updated without causing many problems.

I added a custom column to my sales invoice – simply for recording whether the invoice has been delivered to the customer or not (Dropdown, yes\no). I would like to retroactively change all of the invoices I have delivered to show a value of “Yes”.

When I try to do a bulk update, I copy\paste into spreadsheet (LibreOffice Calc) and edit the custom field (found by changing in Manager GUI, exporting and examining the output) and then copy\paste the data back to Manager. However, I only think I am changing one column, but apparently Manager sees multiple columns changed with what appears to be the same values, but if I commit the changes to the database, it rewrites all of my sales invoices.

I am very familiar with spreadsheets and databases, but I am scratching my head on what Manager would like to see in regards to the data types. I have played around with a test company by changing the data type of the imported CSV columns, then importing, but it always picks up the same columns as issues, “Lines.Description”, “Lines.Amount”, “IssueDate”, etc.

Are there any tips for how to do this so that it works?

It’s not clear what you mean by “I added a custom column to my sales invoice.” Are you referring to a custom field? If so, is it set to show on printed documents? To show as a column (which only refers to the tab listing)? Is it a standard custom field or a line-item custom field?

It would also help if you showed one or more screen shots that actually illustrate your problem. Two observations in this respect:

  • The green text does not indicate problems, but merely what will be written back to the database.
  • Your screen shot does not show any column with any sort of delivery status.