Bugs with inventory write-offs

I am having some problems trying to customise the ref. no.
Automated numbering is 1, 2, 3,… etc. But, whenever I am trying to customise the ref. no. with alphabets, it auto-changed to ‘2’, then I tried to change it again, it auto-changed and continued to ‘3’.

Creating a new write-off, it allocated to an income/expense account, when viewing the written-off items from ‘Summary’, it does not even showing the Ref. No., and the ‘View’ button is greyed/not clickable.

I would say this is probably a bug - no View button nor Reference Number although the transaction has one.

As for automatic numbering v customised reference number, the guide implies it is editable but doesn’t say if alphanumeric codes are allowed. It appears to overwrite them with the next highest number. Not sure what is intended for this field.

From the Guide Write off Inventory

I can duplicate the bug @Joe91 illustrated. I think the lack of a View button is left over from earlier times, when inventory write-offs were not viewable transactions. I cannot guess why the reference number does not show. I’ve put the problem into the Bugs category.

Thanks for identifying two bugs, @Elijah.

  1. For some transaction types, Manager ignores alphabetical characters when searching for the highest existing reference number. It adds 1 to the highest number. So, for example, if you edit a reference to be ABC111, the next number assigned will be 112. For inventory write-offs, and possibly some other automatic sequences, if the number entered is not a pure number, Manager replaces the number with the next number in the automatic sequence. It does this whether Creating or Updating. For example, if you have an inventory write-off #1, and edit it to be W1, it will be saved as #2. This precludes customization of reference numbers by editing.

  2. I can reproduce the problem with no View button or reference showing, as you mentioned, and as illustrated by @Joe91. This may be left over from earlier times, before inventory write-offs were viewable. I have no idea why the reference number would not show.

I see, so it is a bug, I thought I did something wrong. Thanks @Joe91 @Tut for clearing that up.

Both issues fixed in the latest version (18.4.88)

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