Bug when using Serbian (srpski) language

I have issue opening sales invoices tab on the left. Any thoughts?

Not that it matters, but you are opening version 18.5.2, not 18.4.99. What operating system and version are you using? And can you open other tabs?

Yeah it is 18.5.2. I use win10 and can open all other tabs. I can open all other tabs in other business as well.

Funny, when I change language back to English (US) everything is fine.

Two questions:

  1. What language were you using when you had the problem? Was it bosanski? If so, I cannot reproduce this problem.
  2. You said that when you open other businesses, all other tabs work. Does the Sales Invoices tab work in other businesses? In your language?
  1. I use serbian - srpski.
  2. Yes, the sales invoices tab works on other business in my serbian language.

Thanks a lot for getting involved with this issue!

I can reproduce this. It is a bug, and not limited to Sales Invoices tab. It happens at least with Billable Time, as well, and possibly other tabs.

Thanks. Is there a solution to that bug?

Only the developer can answer that, but I presume so.

Does the issue exist in Bosnian/Croatian? Maybe if it is language related it could be because of characters such as š or č.

The problem does not occur in Bosnian (bosanski) in any tab.

Strange, but I have a feeling that it happens when a business has an overdue sales invoices.

That is not the case. I can reproduce the problem in businesses with only paid in full sales invoices. And your guess does not take into account that it happens in at least one other tab. @novica’s idea that is has something to do with specific characters is plausible, since it does not happen in every business.

If so, it must be a problem with something in the translation table, because I see it when I switch a business from English to Serbian, where all entered data was in English and is not, therefore, translated. But it must be a term that does not appear on every sales invoice.

The problem occurs when the hours are entered.
Interface in Serbian.

At the other input, everything works.

@Dado, the problem with Serbian language had already been identified as a bug. I have moved your post to the relevant topic.

Ok, thanks Tut.
In previous versions it was not a problem.

Is it possible that this issue occurs because Serbian tries to use plural forms that it seems are not provided in the English source as a possibility?

For example this is Croatian vs. Serbian on “days overdue”

Update: As far as I can tell, in Manager sources there is no marking for plural entities as per: Understanding Segments · Documentation · WebTranslateIt

Update2: Plural forms used in the Hours segment as well:

@Bozidar_Tanic @Dado Try removing the plural forms from the translation and see what happens.

If it works out, I believe the issue should be fixed in the future by adding possibility for plural forms in the English source.

Thanks Novica.
I corrected it.
Probably this was a problem.

Thanks for fixing this issue. Works great now!

Can we somehow point it out to prevent eventual further translations which can lead to bugs like this?

The bug has not been fixed. Things have only been arranged so the bug is not triggered. That is why this topic is still in the bugs category.