Bug when creating new recurring sales invoice using Copy to function

When using the Copy to function to set up a new recurring invoice, problems occur if the original sales invoice has billable expenses on it. For example, here is a simple sales invoice with two line items. One is billable time, the other a billable expense:

Trying to turn it into a recurring sales invoice yields this:

For the billable time entry, everything ends up in the right field, but layout is distorted. The layout problem is only due to presence of the billable expense entry. (Everything is well-behaved if that second line is deleted.)

For the billable expense entry, what is present is in the right field order. But Account and Customer are blank. Presumably, the problem arises because the program cannot handle a billable expense and its assignment to a customer if the expense has not occurred yet. Yet it handles the billable time correctly, even though there is no underlying time entry to support it. I am not sure what the ramifications of that last fact would be.

Perhaps copying to a new recurring sales invoice should not be allowed when the underlying sales invoice has billable time or expense entries? After all, there really is no point in having such a recurring sales invoice.

You are right that in the context of recurring invoices and current implementation of billable expenses, it makes little sense to put billable expense on recurring invoice.

However even if you do that, the layout shouldn’t break so that is now fixed in the latest version (17.9.33).