Bug Report: Click+Drag on Linux crashes program (always)

I can post a gif if it helps. :slight_smile:

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@novica, your GIF shows you clicking and dragging to reorder the chart of accounts. Yet you wrote that you can still rerproduce the bug. The bug is described as “Click + Drag on Linus crashes program (always).” Both things cannot be true.

So if clicking and dragging sometimes crashes the program, what are the circumstances?

the bug exists since before the option to reorder the chart of accounts. so it should be maybe renamed to Click + Drag on Linux crashes program (except when reordering chart of accounts).

so the bug is reproducible in the same manner as described by the original poster

Open on Linux, click something, like the button that turns help on and off. Or in a blank area of the window. While holding the left mouse, drag the mouse. The program crashes. Always reproducible.

not sure how i can add more info. as you can see from the gif when i start clicking and dragging the mouse in the app’s blank areas it crashes.

Thank you. That clears things up.

I didn’t realize that I can click on reorder icon in chart of accounts and that brings up dedicated reorder screen. This worked for reordering. Thanks for the workaround @novica.

I was trying reorder from chart of accounts screen itself - By dragging the reorder icon. That results in crash.

This issue should be fixed in the latest version now (20.9.65)

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