Bug in Receipt Payer field

When selecting Payer by typing a few characters will give a customer list from which to choose complete name. In version V13.12.11 and V13.12.13 after selecting full name only typed characters are saved. IE typing ce getting and choosing Celine results in Payer ce.

I fixed this issue in the latest version (v13.12.14)

How do we know when a new version is out? I have registered my email but haven’t had a notification.
Where is the release notes for each version?
Do we go back to the main web site to download?

“What’s new” email with release notes is being sent out only once a month, not every time there is a new version. There is no reason to upgrade every day unless you are being affected by a bug which has been fixed like in this case.

Do you maintain Release Notes somewhere? We would like to know changes per version, if possible.